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Lonney Gregory
Former Learning Director - Northrop Grumman Corporation

Key Highlights

Organizational Development and Learning Leader accomplished in creating human capital management initiatives, managing enterprise training operations,and deploying collaborative technology for organizational effectiveness and operational improvements.

Lonney F. Gregory was Director of Learning Technology & Operations at Northrop Grumman Corporation and currently is the Chief Executive and Principal Consultant at iRIZE Performance Consulting, LLC. Mr. Gregory has over 20 years of corporate, military, and public sector training experience. He is responsible for consulting services, delivery of practice area content, and the planning and execution of all service offerings. Mr.Lonney, partners with several other trailblazing L&D experts to satisfy organizational performance goals.

Lonney is an alumni of George Mason University.

Areas of Expertise: Program Management, Training, Leadership

Course taught by Lonney Gregory

Learning and Development