If everyone is moving forward together
then success takes care of itself

Henry Ford

Multi Dimensional Video Content that is Customizable, Measurable & Compatible

Unlimited Content Combinations through byte size videos to cater to dynamic training needs across Management Levels.

An easy to use Matrix with Multiple Learning Paths, Multiple Courses & Multiple Categories.

Short & quick videos to ease experience of viewing for the employees thereby ensuring Higher Engagement & Retention.

Industry Experts led Content Curation integrating Multi Content Dimensions with your Dynamic TNA requirements & Competency Frameworks.

Place your Leadership & Internal Talent alongside Sarder Mentors

We work closely with your training team to create & produce custom video content featuring your leadership as part of the integrated dynamic training program.

Our high-quality HD (high-definition) custom learning videos are perfect for broadcasting and can be delivered online in various file formats.

Setting up the environment, selecting your Leadership speakers, creating the content outline and script, shooting with multiple cameras for footage to produce an engaging final end product, screen capture, graphic creation and introducing effects in the footage, editing, QA, feedback, edits and review to the final production.

Track, Evaluate & Improve your Team’s Performance

  • Dedicated Co-Branded Portal
  • SSO Support
  • Learning Checks
  • Dedicated Instructors
  • Complete Content Control

Cloud based content that can be accessed Anytime Anywhere

Strategic Consulting Enabling Innovation & Growth

  • Learning Strategy Development
  • Learning Needs Analysis
  • Competency Model Development
  • Custom Content Development & Localization
  • Learning Assessments
  • Content Gamification