Transforming The Learning Eco-System

Course Overview

Course Introduction

Shifts caused by modern technologies has created an extremely competitive environment for organizations  and the need to continously transform themselves.In the current business scenario, organizations compete closely with every technological breakthrough. Hence, it becomes important for organizations to transform their learning ecosystem in a way where they can develop and nurture their workforce to stay strong in the ever evolving business environment. In this course, Head of Learning Technology & Innovation, S&P Global Ratings Donna Murdoch has articulated strategies for developing a learning organization that meets future challenges. She shares her perspective on, overhauling the learning environment to accelerate employee learning and growth and discusses how to transform from a traditional training function to a employee centric one, emphasizing on gaining buy-in from senior leaders along the journey and map the development of a new learning ecosystem.

Some of the topics covered in the course include: Need For Continuous Learning; Defensive Stage; Offensive Stage; Defining Scalable Learning; Scalable Efficiency; Disruption; Design Principles; Implementation; Timeline; Senior Leadership And Learning Team; Implementation Of Qstream As An Online Coaching Hub; Career Management; Making Learning Easy.


Who Should Attend

  • CLO
  • CXO
  • Senior Learning And Development Professionals
  • HR Directors
  • Training Managers


Course Methodology

This course is based on a session by Donna Murdoch, Head of Learning Technology And Innovation, S&P Global Ratings, from the CLO Insight Summit 2017 by Sarder TV and Future Workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the need for continuous learning
  • Understand the stages of learning transformation
  • Understand the elements of the learning strategy
  • Understand the process of setting up a learning ecosystem
  • Understand the transformational approach to learning team

Course Modules

  • Learning Goals
    • Need For Continuous Learning
  • Stages Of Learning Transformation
    • Defensive Stage
    • Offensive Stage
  • Elements Of A Learning Strategy
    • Defining Scalable Learning
    • Scalable Efficiency
    • Disruption
  • Setting Up Learning Ecosystem
    • Design Principles
    • Implementation
    • Timeline
  • Gaining Buy-In
    • Senior Leadership And Learning Team
  • Transforming The Learning Team
    • Implementation Of Qstream As An Online Coaching Hub
    • Career Management
    • Making Learning Easy
  • Category
    CLO Insight Summit
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    20 min
  • Competencies
    Designing Learning Strategy
    Change Management
    Technology Implementation

Course Experts

Donna Murdoch's picture
Donna Murdoch Head of Learning Technology & Innovation, S&P Global Ratings