Personal Effectiveness

Organizational structures and work activities are constantly evolving, making it critical for individuals who want to succeed to work at the peak of their effectiveness. Personal growth is a priority for anyone looking to move ahead in their career and lives. Our personal effectiveness series is specially designed for people wanting to improve their overall effectiveness at work by enhancing relationships, managing stress and creating self-development plans.

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Developing Personal Effectiveness at Work

Personal growth needs to be a priority for most of us as we look to advance our career and grow as human beings. Dr. Ben Michaelis, clinical psychologist and well-known author of Your Next Big Thing, offers his expertise on the topic of developing personal effectiveness as it applies to the workplace.

  • Beginners
  • Cognitive Thinking, Self Awareness
  • 24 min
Ben Michaelis's picture
Ben MichaelisVisiting Scholar - Columbia University

Effectively Manage Workplace Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is an important life skill. Effective communication in a workplace builds respect and trust, fosters innovation, encourages transparency, facilitates healthy relationships and team building, and contributes to company growth. Relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle has been teaching people how to communicate successfully all her professional life.

  • Intermediate
  • Communication, Interpersonal Skills
  • 52 min
Dr. Gilda Carle's picture
Dr. Gilda CarleTV & Radio Host

Hustle Your Way To Success

We all want to achieve success, in life and in our careers. We want to feel that our work has value and is contributing to the greater good. But many people get stuck. They don’t reach their full potential or find their own unique hidden talents. Jonas Koffler, an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and author, proposes practical strategies to help individuals lead productive and happy lives.

  • Intermediate
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation, Self Motivation
  • 43 min
Jonas Koffler's picture
Jonas KofflerNew York Times Bestselling Author

Sharper Brain, Smarter You

Everyone wants to be happy and have a brain that functions at an optimal level. Dr. Wendy Suzuki, professor of neural science and psychology at New York University and author of the book Healthy Brain, Happy Life, discusses her latest research on the positive effects of exercise on our brain. She describes how this has positive implications for the business world as well as individuals.

  • Beginners
  • Health Awareness, Cognitive Thinking
  • 33 min
Wendy Suzuki's picture
Wendy SuzukiProfessor - New York University

Skills For Improved Productivity

Every one of us experiences multiple personal and professional concerns every day, and at times we are not able to manage the entire ecosystem effectively. Productivity consultant David Allen is an expert in helping individuals keep their sanity intact and effectively manage their life with his productivity system.

  • Beginners
  • Improved Productivity, Activity Management
  • 34 min
David Allen's picture
David AllenFounder - David Allen Company

Transform Your Work-Life Balance

It is imperative that leaders understand the effect of their manners and overall behavior on people around them, including a direct effect on the level of productivity. Caroline Webb, author of How to Have a Good Day, which has been published in sixty countries, talks about surefire ways to improve your mood, increase productivity, get past challenges and obstacles, and work more efficiently.

  • Beginners
  • Positive Approach, Professional Advancement
  • 27 min
Caroline Webb's picture
Caroline WebbSenior Adviser - McKinsey

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

People with passion for work and a desire to develop skills are the lifeblood of any organization. Individuals that go the distance despite obstacles that defeat most people are a rare type of person. They inspire us and teach us that you should never give up.

  • Intermediate
  • Self Motivation, Positive Approach
  • 32 min
Ramona Pierson's picture
Ramona PiersonCEO - Declara