Leadership provides direction exhibiting honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and ethics. A leader is functionally sound, exuding excellent behavior ensuring a culture of organizational growth. Sarder Learning’s leadership courses enable the learner to enhance their key leadership skills across various levels and business scenarios.

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Battleground To Business

United State Marines are known for doing their jobs under fire, being straight up, ethical and stalwart. These qualities don’t come to mind when we think of Wall Street or the business world in general. Ken Marlin, retired Marine Captain and Management Consultant shares insights based on his book The Marine Corps Way to Win on Wall Street: 11 Key Principles from Battlefield to Boardroom.

  • Advanced
  • Leadership, Strategic Management
  • 34 min
Ken Marlin's picture
Ken MarlinManaging Partner - Marlin & Associates

Building A High Performance Organization

Preparing individuals to lead organizations is a critical exercise. Michael Tull, partner in HR International LLC, has the expertise to help leaders reach their potential. He has a business model that can be utilized to address business goals. Tull shares his knowledge on a variety of subjects that will be helpful to professionals operating in a leadership role.

  • Advanced
  • Strategic Thinking, Facilitative Leadership
  • 25 min
Michael Tull's picture
Michael TullAdjunct Faculty - NYU

Building A Right Learning Culture

A learning culture is defined as a set of values, processes or environment that help individuals and organizations increase understanding, skills and knowledge for organizational success. Organizations that effectively implement a learning culture can expect an increase in efficiency, productivity, profit, employee engagement, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

  • Advanced
  • Building a Learning Culture, Leadership
  • 51 min

Building Blocks for Effective Organizations

Atti Riazi, chief information technology officer for the United Nations, has served as a leader and technologist in the private and corporate sector, including as the CIO and acting general manager at the New York City Housing Authority. Her experience with large organizations makes her the perfect advisor on how to create a fluid and dynamic organization ready to deal with transformational change.

  • Intermediate
  • Managing Change, Integrated Talent Management
  • 31 min
Atti Riazi's picture
Atti RiaziCIO - United Nations

Cause-Driven Leadership

There is mounting evidence that cause or purpose-driven organizations are more likely to be successful and have an employee base that is engaged and committed to the mission of the company. Recent research shows that less than twenty percent leaders feel a sense a purpose in their jobs or can clearly define their organization’s mission.

  • Advanced
  • Strategic Planning, Goal Setting
  • 27 min
Mehran Assadi's picture
Mehran AssadiChairman - National Life Group

Challenges in Women Leadership

It is important for all leaders to have the right qualities, the right training, and a passion to succeed. Women in business who are looking to make it to the top of their organizations may need to go that extra mile to gain top positions. Sheila Hooda, an independent board director, strategic advisor, and a woman business leader who has made it to the top of her profession, shares her experience and expertise.

  • Intermediate
  • Women Leadership, Overcoming Challenges
  • 27 min
Sheila Hooda's picture
Sheila HoodaCEO & President - Alpha Advisory Partners

Developing Future Global Leaders

Globalization is the buzz word of the decade. Increasingly, businesses are keen to grow globally and operate on an international scale. John Bowen, Director of Global Partnerships at Computer Aid and an experienced global management consultant, discusses the benefits and the pitfalls of expanding globally.

  • Intermediate
  • Business Management, Crisis Management
  • 32 min
John Bowen's picture
John BowenSenior Director - Computer Aid

Developing Sustainable Corporate Strategies

Companies that become static, and are reluctant to move away from products or services that made them successful, are likely to disappear from the marketplace. Rita McGrath, an internationally recognized expert on strategy and innovation and author of The End of the Competitive Advantage, shares her expertise and ideas for leaders to create a growing and sustainable future for their organizations.

  • Intermediate
  • Strategic Planning, Decision Making
  • 31 min
Rita McGrath's picture
Rita McGrathAuthor & Professor, Columbia Business School

Effective Leadership

To be a successful entrepreneur and leader, it is necessary to have passion for your work and what you believe in. Leading with character and passion will inspire others and produce overall success. Mark Bunting, a serial entrepreneur and an educator, shares insights on effective leadership.

  • Intermediate
  • Business Acumen, Strategy
  • 27 min
Mark Bunting's picture
Mark BuntingBoard Member - American National Bank of Texas

Engaged Leaders

Effective customer communication is the key to the growth of a dynamic organization. Leadership plays an important part in setting up these processes. Use of technology also plays an important role in this and many organizations fail to leverage it. Charlene Li, author of the popular book The Engaged Leader and Open Leadership, shares her knowledge on subjects related to engaged and digital leadership.

  • Intermediate
  • Customer Centricity, Engaging Employees
  • 26 min
Charlene Li's picture
Charlene LiPrincipal Analyst - Altimeter